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How much to paint cabinets?

what kind of paint to paint cabinets?

Is cabinet painting worth it?

Is cabinet painting worth it?

 Yes, it can save you %75 or more in some cases instead of replacing your cabinets.  We give a factory finish just like if you bought brand new painted cabinets.


How long does it take to paint cabinets?

            Typically we can do the entire job from start to finish is just 6 days although we are only working at your home for 3 of those days and the rest of the time at our shop on your project.


Is it better to paint kitchen cabinets or replace them?

            This depends on two things really, are the cabinets of good quality and in good condition and just need to be refinished or change the color, second do you not like the layout of your kitchen and totally want to change it?


What is the difference between cabinet painting and refacing?

            Cabinet painting is just that, we paint what you have to give it a brand new updated look.  Refacing is using a laminated product to lay over the front part of the frame and using brand new doors, the inside of the frames and boxes will stay the same.


Kitchen cabinet refinishing or painting?

            Cabinet refinishing is usually restaining with clear coat so you can see the wood and grain thru the stain whereas painting kitchen cabinets would be a solid color. 


What does kitchen cabinet painting cost?

            There are many factors which go into pricing a kitchen out, how tall the doors are, how many doors and drawer, plate racks, wine racks, glass racks, crown molding and so on  but a good place to start would be to figure $155.00 per door.  This is an average and would include everything to be painted and the paint, A to Z in terms of material and what is to be painted.


Can you paint my type of kitchen cabinets?

Yes!  We can paint pretty much any type of surface from laminated, Thermofoil to all kinds of woods and metal.  The type of cabinet or substrate would depend on the primer and paint we use to give our 6 year warranty


What paints is used on Kitchen cabinets?

            There are many types of paints and stains which can be used to paint or stain cabinets, we have chosen a couple of brands and paints which have passed years and years of use and several test including a cross hatch test.  A cross hatch test is taking a painted surface after it has cured and using a razor making cross hatch marks similar to a tic tac toe board.  Then we take masking tape and press it hard firming and pull off, we are looking to see if the paint comes off or if the wood breaks off and with Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane and PPG Breakthrough V50 the wood brakes off and the paint stays put showing excellent adhesion.


Are painted kitchen cabinets durable?

            Extremely if done correctly, the 17 step process we do is to ensure outstanding adhesion and durability to last for untold years under normal wear and use.


Do the insides of the kitchen cabinets get painted?

            Typically we do not paint the inside of the kitchen cabinets being they are usually a different color to begin with, however if there is a glass door cabinet this is something we discuss especially if there is clear glass.  We also paint inside if they are open shelves, plate racks, wine racks and glass racks.

Can you paint laminated kitchen cabinets?

            Yes we can and we are able to give a 6 year warranty, we have painted many, many laminated cabinets over the years and they look fabulous today.  We can also paint Thermofoil cabinets.

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